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Athletic Clearance

Spring Registration is NOW OPEN

Please make sure to register your student for spring sports ASAP.   We need to manually clear each student, so the sooner you complete this the better.  The deadline is January 25. Tryout dates may begin as early as February 5 and we want to make sure that everyone is registered and can participate in tryouts.  The Spring parent meeting will be presented digitally and is available on the 'Parent Meeting' page. Please watch the video, and sign the appropriate form on the Athletic Clearance site. Questions? Email

How to register and clear your student-athlete

1. Go to (Or click Athletic Clearance button on the Home page).  If you do not have an account, please click register. If you have an account, please log in. If you forgot your password, click forgot password.

2. Fill in your name, username and password you prefer. It sends an email verification to the email address you use, so you have to go into your personal email and click on the link that is sent to you from (If you can not find it, check your spam or junk mail)

3. If this is not the first time you have logged in, you will see all of the clearances you have already done. If this is your first time, or a new year, click 'New Clearance'. Choose year 2021-22, School, Carlsbad, and Sport, and click submit.

4. Here you will see the 5 step process.

    Step 1: Student Information. If you already have a student on the account, you can select their name from the dropdown menu. The only piece you have to repeat would be if you have insurance. They will ask that every year.

    Step 2: Education History. If you selected other and are a new student (transfer student) please contact the athletic director for transfer paperwork immediately:

    Step 3: Physician Information. Here is where you upload your physical form. The actual physical form can be found on our site under the 'Forms' tab. Once you upload the physical, you have to click UPLOAD in order for it to actually upload to your account. The physical is good for one year from the date on the form. Click save when finished. 

    Step 4: Medical History. Please take the time to fill this out. This will be your students emergency cards that are printed for our coaches to take with them on away games. In case of an emergency, the coach will get your child’s emergency card to give to the paramedics with any information that they need to know.

    Step 5: Signature Forms. Please read through the forms that you will sign. This is very important information that you NEED to know. You can also download these forms so you can read them when you have more time. (Please make sure parent signature is from parent, and student signatures is students signatures)

5. You then will get an email that explains that you have REGISTERED your child and will receive a CLEARED email once cleared. You do not need to print anything, you child’s name will be on the roster for the coach for tryouts.

6. As part of the registration process, please view the parent meeting located on the 'Parent Meeting' tab and sign the appropriate form on the Athletic Clearance site. 

*Please email me with any questions you may have: