Practice Attendance
Athletes are required to attend all CHS High School practices – Monday to Friday. Please check the calendar regularly as the schedule does change periodically. 

Club Swimmers:
IF you are a CLUB swimmer and will be swimming with your club during high school swim season. Practice one (1) time per week is required, you have two choices:

  1. CHS Swim Team has allocated Tuesday practices from 6:00-7:00am for club swimmers.
  2. Or you can attend one (1) afternoon practice. 
  3. Both are at Monroe Street Pool.

Water Polo Club Players:
IF you are a CLUB water polo player and will be practicing with your club during high school swim season you are required to attend two (2) days per week.

Swim Meet Attendance: 
All CHS swim team athletes/club swimmers/water polo players are required to attend all swim meets.